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If implemented correctly, the strategy can help you get traction in a month! 😍

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About the author

Hey there! I’m 🐲 Alena, a passionate content marketer, copywriter, and mentor.

I have two passions: writing and teaching. That’s why I decided to create this newsletter and share my findings on copywriting and content.😊

Yes, it focuses on content tips for founders and startups that have embraced the going-public approach.

Learn with me and do it fun! I gather all the tips so you don’t need to search for them yourself.

A little about myself

I know you don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll keep it short. 🦄

My work is behind a lot of startups in the fintech, martech, and other -tech industries. I wrote and created content strategies for SaaS products, game dev studios, and digital agencies. Now I am a part of the awesome Paralect Venture Studio team.

I was also a content marketing and social media management teacher for 4 years.

My recipe for quality copy starts with having a great background in marketing and PR in general. I walked the whole path from marketing assistant to marketing & PR director before turning to my passions: copywriting and content marketing.

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